Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 1

Namaste !

Two Hindi lessons and I'm already fluent. Classes are going ok. A bit tough but all for a good cause.

There are 16 of us here in Delhi,with 3 more on the way.It's been a great week, but I can't wait to be able to cook my own food and not rely on restaurants. I have had enough curry this week to normally last me months at home, but when in Rome......

We have had our first weekend off and got lots of exploring done around the city yesterday. Unforunately things can be a bit expensive when you look like a tourist, but prices should come down a bit once I move to Bhubaneswar and start wearing a sawaar kameez, and have a few words to ask the price while explaining I'm a volunteer here for a long time. Hindi classes are great fun. We start verbs tomorrow.

Weather is quite hot today - high 20s, but I'm going to be honest and report that it did actually rain here on Friday. We had to venture out for dinner with our umbrellas.

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  1. Well, I feel I was on tour with you. This is an excellent account and one I will be keeping an eye on from now on. Hope you are having a wonderful time and dont work too hard.