Monday, November 2, 2009

7 days and counting .......

Well, this time next week I'll be on a plane somewhere between Heathrow and Delhi.

My visa has arrived so it's full steam ahead now for what I'm sure will be a fantastic year ahead. So far there's been no reaction to any vaccines and this morning I started taking my anti-malarial tablets (must remember to take them again tomorrow morning and the morning after and the morning after that etc etc)

Suitcase is packed - well sort of.
I still have to sit on it to close it. Thankfully as a volunteer development worker I'm allowed to bring more than I would be if I was going as a tourist.

At this stage I know that there are possibly 18 of us arriving in Delhi at the same time from the four corners of the world. Will be an interesting 4 weeks of in-country training in Delhi. Sounds like quite a gang.

I can't wait to go at this point. I have been in contact with others I did the VSO courses with who are already in their alloted countries like Vietnam, Zambia, Namibia and Tajikistan and am feeling a bit jealous.

Monsoon has finished (thankfully) but and temperatures are mild (for India) -only in the high 20's C at the moment. That'll be the main challenge. But everyone tells me I'll adjust to the heat. I'll keep you posted on that.

So that's it from Ireland. Next post will be sometime next week from Delhi.

Until then......

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