Monday, October 12, 2009

4 weeks and counting ........

Well, it seems ages since I started going on about my trip to India.
I never thought I'd be writing a blog entitled '4 weeks and counting'. Yikes !

I'm off to Dublin tomorrow for my final concert of the year. Everyone knows I'm a big fan of live music and tomorrow night I get to see Spandau Ballet live on stage for the first time in 20 years. I can't wait. And I have front row seats. Worth waiting 20 years for.

One more lot of vaccinations to go after that. And I will be handing in my passport to the VSO office in Dublin on Wednesday morning to organise my visa for India. So it looks like full steam ahead now. No going back - not that I'd want to. I seem to be talking about this for ages (apologies and thanks to all my friends who are tired of me rabbiting on by now)

What was a very long 'to do' list when it was first written is nearly all marked off by now. I still need to buy my anti-malarial tablets and some chlorine tabs but that's it then - apart from trying to fit everything into the suitcase. I bought a new one last week, not that I needed one, but this is a yellow colour, and yes I do mean yellow. I was trying to envisage myself collecting a black suitcase in an airport as large as Delhi (and I can only image how chaotic )and thought it would be easier with a colour that stood out a bit more. And lo and behold, there was a yellow one in Dunnes just calling out to me last week. I'll let you know if the trick worked mid-November.

It seems that there are 8 of us heading out to India together. Although we are all heading to different parts after the 4 weeks induction training. 6 are based in the UK and 2 of us are in Ireland. I have managed to make contact with 4 of the 8, so hopefully will get to meet everyone in Heathrow. If not, in Delhi.